Which CRM to Choose for IP-PBX Integration: Comparison of the Popular CRM Systems

Which CRM to Choose for IP-PBX Integration: Comparison of the Popular CRM Systems

When PBX is connected, managers ask customers the question: which CMD system is used? It is asked to all and if the client still chooses or does not think – so, we are here to help determine. Let’s, find out what selection criteria we use.

The article is intended for beginners interested in IP-PBX Integration

Some words about CRM systems

CRM-system – is called any program with a database of contacts. This creates confusion, let’s figure it out.

This definition of the CMR provided by the Sweeney Group:

“Any tool, technology and procedure for managing, improving and facilitating the sales process, support and any related interaction with customers, leads and business partners throughout the enterprise.”

This definition is too general, comparable to the concept of “vehicle”:

A vehicle is a device for the movement and transport of goods, passengers, in which the tractive power is created by the engine (mechanical), the muscular strength of the person (bicycle, etc.) or animals (horse-drawn).

Do you feel it? – Definitions are equally blurred. All that moves is a vehicle. All that about the counterparties is the CMR system.

Types of CRM

The vehicle notion definition does not tell us anything. It’s a bicycle, a steamer, and a spaceship. Somewhere comfortable, somewhere you have to pedal or row with oars, and somewhere thousands of people and tons of cargo can be transported for one trip. To distinguish them, people came up with a classification. Example:

  • Land vehicle
  • Water vehicle
  • Air vehicle

Similarly, the CMR systems are classified. Let’s take the classification by purpose, the system for:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing

One of the definitions of CRM-systems

This is a superficial classification, but now you know what the CRM is used for. And that there is a difference between them like a bicycle with a spaceship.

Why do you need to know this? In order not to look for a system that will solve all the problems at once. A bus for a hockey team should not fly into space, ride off-road and water. Let’s move on to the choice of the bus, but without comparisons.


To answer the question – which CMR to choose, you need to decide – why do you need this system. In the article, we will talk about software solutions for sales and a little bit of maintenance. Marketing is omitted.

We will only touch the popular systems with which have the integration options. The review does not pretend to be complete and objective – we are sharing our opinion.

If you do not sell anything, then there is no one to service. Therefore, we start with systems that help sell. Here we include amoCRM, retailCRM and SalesForce. All over the world, they are called SFA – sales force automation, systems for automating sales growth.


The system is simple and with a nice interface. It has a low entry threshold: managers can manage it out on their own. Due to this, the transition from Excel to a full-fledged CRM happens quickly.

However, simplicity has the downside: lack of functionality and low flexibility. Ready-made integrations increase the number of functions and close the first gap. Nevertheless, the workflow will have to be built independently outside the system using API (developer tool). If there are no programmers, amoCRM will always have implementation partners.

The rest of integration is inferior in terms of capabilities. It happened because the systems are closed and do not allow to do the same with them.


If you have an online store with a good products choice, that is B2C-sales with a wide product matrix, consider launching the retailCRM. The program is built around e-commerce: it integrates with CMS, warehousing software, accounting, delivery services, etc.

The CRM automates routine actions to save time and money, develops repeat sales and increases the average check. The abundance of tools increases the threshold of entry, that is, the system requires implementation. You need to train managers, configure segmentation and triggers, and the goods’ catalog.


This is a complex and expensive system with wide capabilities. Any business processes, roles and reports. SalesForce is the world market leader, competitors constantly look at its development. But this does not mean that you need it.

A huge minus of the system is the price. The license for one employee per month is rather high. The second minus is a long period of implementation due to the high flexibility and complexity of the CRM. If the cons do not stop and you know exactly what you want, you will receive it in the SalesForce.

Integration works through a plug-in for the Chrome browser. All the rest is customized individually for a specific client, for each unique project.

Universal Software

In the Sales process, you need the responsible one for the product, and after – you provide support. Leaders make a task plan for them. Then control the performance and quality of work. For this, the listed systems do not work, other programs are needed here.

Such programs are called corporate systems. They are suitable for organizing the work of the whole company, not just sales. We will tell about two of them: Bitrix24 and Megaplan.

They have several distinctive features. The separate and detailed section with employees, where dates of birth are indicated, all possible telephones, posts. Calendar with tasks, files, and documents.


To work together, there are tasks, chat, calls and file sharing. For sales, you will find CRM, funnels, and goods. For the organization: the time sheet, the structure of the company and the general place for storing files. Up to 12 employees are free of charge.

Universality creates inconvenience. What if you have a chat, telephony or a document exchange service? What if there are not enough standard functions? We did not find the answers – any improvements are difficult to fit into Bitrix24.

Integration with telephony PBX is implemented through the plug-in for the browser Chrome. It shows the client’s card, makes it possible to create a lead or contact. Allows you to insert a comment and assign the person responsible.


Even less flexibility, but with interesting features. Megaplan has a built-in mail client: any email can be read and sent from the system. And second, in the system, you can conduct financial accounting: salaries, bonuses, and fines.

Otherwise, the Megaplan is similar to Bitrix24. The same work with employees, tasks and the CMD. Also configurable processes, funnels, and other parameters. Repeat and cons.

Integration with telephony PBX works similarly to Bitrix24 – through the plug-in for the browser Chrome. The possibilities are the same.


Let’s sum up. We found out what is CRM-system and considered five known software programs. Among them there is no best one, each one is good for some special needs. Depending on your goals, you can choose the appropriate option.


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