SMS Technology and Ways of Applying it for Business Needs

SMS Technology and Ways of Applying it for Business Needs

Often, to establish contact with the client, it is necessary to apply different approaches and methods of influence. Work with the target audience requires knowledge of the user’s needs, interests, and opportunities.

Therefore, as a rule, the marketing strategy of brand promotion is based on a “mix” of different communication channels. One of the effective tools for interaction with clients is SMS. This channel helps to achieve the goals of the campaign, improve its effectiveness, thanks to its unique features and advantages.

Features of SMS-mailing as a channel of interaction with clients

In order to understand what tasks bulk SMS performs, you should understand its characteristics, pros, and cons. We’ve talked to the representatives and managers of web platform for SMS campaigns management SMS-Smart, who described the most popular ways of usage SMS by their customers.

The benefits of SMS

Among the advantages of SMS-mailing as a tool for communication with customers, there are three main benefits:

  1. Delivery guarantee. Unlike other channels (email, push, Viber), SMS nearly 100% will reach the recipient (if the phone number is active).
  2. High speed of delivery. In most cases, the SMS reaches the recipient’s device in seconds.
  3. An SMS-mailing covers a larger number of users and it is compared to Internet TV. SMS can be sent to and received even by those who do not use smartphones or messengers. All you need is a mobile device of any model.

Disadvantages of SMS

  • There are some cons of SMS:
  • Sending SMS is more expensive than other messages (email, push, messengers);
  • SMS may come at the wrong time, cause irritation, distract the recipient (for example, while driving);
  • There is no possibility to add pictures, buttons, and other attractive elements;
  • Text limit — up to 160 characters;
  • In SMS is not always convenient to follow the links to the site (if the device doesn’t support Internet or there is no Internet connection).

Given the above features, we can identify the main areas in which the use of SMS-mailing is most justified.

Traditional Ways of Using SMS-mailing?

Due to the guaranteed delivery in a short time, SMS is more often used to send passwords to confirm actions (for example, by credit card), than the other communication channels. Often, there is a limited time allocated to enter the password (in your account, on the Internet page), because you can only count on SMS. Sending messages via messengers (Viber, Telegram, FB), e-mail or push-technologies does not guarantee the delivery of information within minimum time.

For the same reasons, bulk SMS is used to inform about the status of the order, delivery of goods, making a payment, changing the rate of bitcoin, connecting services, etc.

Businesses which actively use SMS:

  • Banks and insurance companies;
  • E-commerce;
  • Online services;
  • Retail (online stores);
  • Transport companies, carriers, taxis;
  • Travel agencies, etc.

What additional marketing problems SMS can solve?

In addition to the fast delivery of messages, SMS can be used with advertising purposes. For example, it is used to send last-minute offers when decision-making should take a little time (one-day action on flights, tours).

SMS is a personalized channel of interaction with the client. In order to add a contact to the newsletter, you must first obtain the consent of the user. The most obvious way to collect a database of phone numbers – is the design of discount cards in stores. The client fills in a form where he/she specifies personal data about himself/herself: name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, email, etc. This information will later become the basis for mailing.

It is important not to neglect the consumer’s trust and choose a significant reason for sending SMS so that messages are not perceived as spam. So, to increase loyalty to the product and encourage the customer, one should not forget to congratulate the customer on his Birthday. Attention and bonuses will form a positive image of the company as well.

Another option to use bulk SMS campaign – promotions with a promo code. Such activity will allow not only to update information about the brand but also in the presence of one communication channel, to open an additional one. For example, one can connect the Internet shop with push notifications through the service SMS-Smart. Subscribers will be sent a notification with a link to go to the website page. Here you need to specify a phone number to send a promo code to get a discount. Thus, the sender will get not only interested users, an increase in conversion but also more information about their subscribers.

In addition to attracting and retaining customers, SMS is in demand within the large companies for communication with employees: announcements, surveys, reminders of events, meetings in the online tea store, etc.

These are only some very common ways to apply SMS technology as a way of communication and informing the customers and employees. You can use your creativity to apply SMS in the way your business will benefit more. In order to apply SMS efficiently, you need to learn all the features os the SMS and SMS sending platform you are going to use.

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