Communication on Vacation is a Must, Not a Luxury

Communication on Vacation is a Must, Not a Luxury

Calls from abroad can be cheaper

Even the brightest and most pleasant events of our life have the opposite side. A vacation may turn into additional problems.

Just recall the long telephone bills after vacations, huge expenses on cellular communication in roaming. Well, you just want to call your mother to tell you arrived well! Yes, we understand that you do not want me to call home every day, but she’s worried! On TV they say that there are thieves and bandits everywhere!

Communication on vacation is a must, not a luxury

Of course, you should remember all your previous thousands of bills for calls and so you are preparing to the new ones before leaving. First, you can call your cellular operator. The consultant gladly offers you some kind of service, supposedly capable of reducing the tourist’s spending on communication. Saving, however, began only with the third minute, while a large amount of money for using the service was charged daily.

You know these “profitable” proposals, they seem to be beneficial only to cellular operators. In addition, to sign the contract it was necessary to go to the office and after these words of the operator that you hung up.  This failure only added determination, and you try to learn more about special sim cards for tourists. While communicating, you are again promised a saving and you, believing this, buy it. Trouble began at home. In the instructions for the “miracle sim card,” you’ll read that it needs to be activated by some team, but you can not figure it out. That appears to be not a choice so, you leave this idea…after spending money on it.


Here comes internet technologies, mainly Google, where your research will lead you to various profitable ways of making calls from abroad. The only thing you need an Internet connection at you mobile or a laptop. This will cost you less even if you’ll ask for this service at the hotel, besides some hotels have free Wi-Fi feature.

Now, you just need to decide which type of device you are used to, and are going to take with you on vacation. For some people, a laptop is just not an option, as it may occupy some space in their luggage, so a tablet of a mobile phone is just enough.

Not, only some minor things have left to be considered – mainly connected with the operating system of your phone – whether you have Android or iPhone. For both, there are a huge number of solutions on the market. Just download and see which one suits you the most, from the point of view of the user interface, connection quality, prices. Usually, you can see the prices on the destinations you are interested in directly on the service website, app, web version. So, there is a chance to decide before departure which one suits you better. There might be the difference in price on the destination you need to call in different service providers. Anyway, it’s up to you!

Call from abroad with CallnSpeak is much cheaper

Rebtel, Keku, Viber, What’s up and much more are now very popular on the market. All of them are VoIP solutions, that means they transfer your voice over the Internet. One more reliable one, my friend advised me when I was on holidays, CallnSpeak, and this program was useful when you are also on a business trip. Download the mobile application – from the Play Store or App Store. And you can immediately open the page in the browser of your mobile phone.

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