Callback Option – Anything You Wanted to Ask

Callback Option – Anything You Wanted to Ask

Callback function – is at the peak of its popularity. How to choose a service, if only the first two pages of the search have 15 widgets and they are all the same? We’ll figure it out together what it is and how it works.

What is callback?

Callback feature exists for a long time – Google counts its history since 2004. In Russia, callback (web version) has become popular due to the company CallbackHunter. Now there are several dozens of similar widgets, the exact number is unknown.

The main purpose of the callback is lead generation. Callback7 shifts the payment of minutes to the business, so users call more often and do not go to competitors. Every tenth company buys the free callback8 number for the same reason.

The technology of the callback9 from the website is simple. The user \ website visitor is asked to enter the number in a special web form and click to call. PBX calls a group of managers and when one of them picks up the phone – the PBX rings the client. If the client answered, the conversation will take place and be recorded.

A new life in the callback10 started with Callback11Hunter. They offered a widget that actively provokes the visitors to the conversation. Similarly, online consultants (chats) work, which involves dialogue.

On the one hand, we bring the visitor to a conversation, on the other, this feature is annoying. To use or not this method is up to you, but it works. So, in April, the company Tekstera said that after disabling active invitations to the chat, the turnover fell 12 times, and hence the conversion.

The second point of the CBH widget is the callback12 speed. Do you often leave a number if you are promised to call within a week? Probably not. In addition, the widget promises to call here and now, until you leave the site.

A simple and understandable product, involving the user in communication and instant reaction is the secret of the callback13. Because of the technological simplicity, the service is easy to replicate, so there are so many identical services. The technology will be described below, but now let’s look at the differences between the services.

Callback14 Services Overview

Let’s see only the most interesting widgets. The review does not pretend to be complete and objective, let’s say that we liked it.


CBH is the “daddy” of modern widgets. All companies copy it to different degrees, some up to texts. The network has many reviews, so we will not repeat it. We only pay attention to the fact that the widget was recently updated. 3.0 Release got attention to detail, the rest remained the same.


The service belongs to the company RedHelper – the developer of an online consultant with the same name. It is less popular but differs from numerous clones. The company went its own way.

The widget is not imposed. No invitations and pop-up windows, ideology is working: the client himself will decide when he needs a callback16. The widget got three different views, a shared browser, and integration with RedHelper chat.


The name of the service is read as ” Cribble “. Cribble offers not just a callback17 widget, but a communication panel with a client. It includes a callback18, a call from the site (if you have a microphone), a shared browser, a section with contacts and chat. If you want, you can connect your widget, for example – an order form.

The service is very simple, it has few settings and is easy to understand. There are a built-in telephony and a simple automatic telephone exchange, the team develops its own CRM.

This concludes the brief review. Write in the comments services that did something more than the transfer of the button to call in another corner. If we like it, let’s add it to the article.


Technologically, the service is simple. The number is sent in the request to the server, which in succession or in parallel tries to reach the group of managers, you specify them in advance. After connection, the auto informer informs the source of the call to the company employee.

At the second stage, the server connects the employee to the client: here everything is also quite simple. The system creates another call to the client, after which the two channels are combined on the server where the call is recorded.


  • The service is simple and therefore the service is deployed quickly since the operator’s ready infrastructure is used.
  • This is an effective way to save the customer.


  • We do not know the callback19 services that send calls to third-party CRM systems [write in the comments, if you know].
  • The server does not know in advance, which of the employees is busy or free.
  • The employee is wasted time to play the notification of the source of the call. There is simply no other way to report this.
  • The cost of this method of connection is twice the cost of a direct call.

Let’s talk about a widget that analyzes user behavior. Services use two main scenarios. The first scenario: the widget tracks the sharp movement of the mouse cursor up. Probably, the developers assume that the user wants to close the page. Then a window pops up with a callbac20k order form.

The second scenario: the widget disables the call button if the user has not been active for a few seconds (scrolling or moving the mouse) probably so as not to interfere with the study of the website.


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