Bitrix24 Integration with IP-PBX Telephony Asterisk

Bitrix24 Integration with IP-PBX Telephony Asterisk

At the moment, the implementation of the phone-card platform for Bitrix24 systems is implemented through the TelefUM application (we have chosen it as one of the best solutions), it can act as a full-fledged SIP client, as a link between the SIP hardware phone and the Bitrix24 system. At the moment, the application only works in the Windows operating system, and Asterisk or another VoIP provider can act as a PBX.

What is the IP-PBX Integration with the CRM system Bitrix24:

  • Make one-click calls from the CRM Bitrix24 counterparty card.
  • Make calls from the browser or from other data sources (Excel).
  • Details of calls in the counterparty card of all calls.
  • Attach a record of conversations to a counterparty card with the ability to play or download.
  • CRM system determines the name of the counterparty when an incoming call and raises the event card (regardless of whether it’s Lid or Contact or Company).
  • Bitrix24 allows you to create a new counterparty during the call if there is no one in the CRM database.
  • Bitrix24 performs automatic creation of LIDs Upon incoming calls if this number is not in the CRM system database.
  • In addition to Asterisk, other IP-PBXs, virtual IP-telephony providers (Beltelecom, Atlant-Telecom, etc.) can be used as a telephone platform.

How it works:

In simple terms, “TelefUM” is a soft phone connected directly to the Bitrix24 system and installed on the operating system of the computer.

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