Asterisk Centos 7 FreePBX Installation 13

Asterisk Centos 7 FreePBX Installation 13

Technologies move ahead and the time does not stand still, operating systems are being improved and updated. The consideration of installing the current version of the  IP PBX Asterisk 13 on the operating system Linux CentOS 7, and a new web interface FreePBX 13 is a very natural process for the development of the enterprise. Asterisk was originally developed under the CentOS and this operating system is best suited for the telephony system.

Let’s follow the simple steps to download and configure the IP-PBX Asterisk 13

  • The first thing we need to do is to turn off SELinux and reboot the system
  • If necessary – update the system
  • Establish the necessary dependencies
  • Turning on and running MariaDB
  • Launch the interactive security configurator (the password of the user root will be set for MySQL, etc.)
  • Launch the Apache web server for the FreePBX interface
  • Add the Asterisk user
  • Installing SRTP
  • Installing Pjproject
  • Installing libjansson
  • Setting lame
  • Installing the SpanDSP library
  • Download source Asterisk
  • We collect channel drivers DAHDI and LibPRI
  • Compile and install Asterisk
  • After entering the make menu select command, you will be prompted to select the modules to install, most of the required modules are selected automatically
  • Set permissions for the necessary directories
  • Modify the settings for installing FreePBX
  • Download and install FreePBX

In Centos7, Firewalld is used instead of IPTables. Port 80 TCP (HTTP) is closed by default. So you need to either disable the firewall (not recommended) or configure it appropriately and after this connect to FreePBX.

Here you are!


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